What can Barbaro dental group Do For You?

Our mission is simple: to preserve and grow relationship-based dentistry.

We are not corporate dentistry.
We strongly believe family practice values are the most rewarding and most important in providing high-quality, ethical dental care.
We are committed to supporting, collaborating, and partnering with dentists who value growth and the goal of positively impacting the communities we serve.


We are all working together for the same outcome – amazing patient care. Barbaro Dental Group empowers associates and owners to make the right choices. We combine the advantages of private ownership with the support and backing of group practice to help dentists enjoy the best of both worlds. Our network of partners provides mentorship, collaboration, training, and resources that you won’t find on your own. Partnerships only work if we’re all on the same page so trust is at the heart of everything we do.

Education and Technology

Dentistry is ever-evolving so we prioritize continued education and clinical training. We invest in technology that allows us to better serve patients and grow as providers.

Resources and Support

Our team is committed to providing the best tools to assist in doing your job consistently and effectively. Our simple systems help streamline processes offering peace of mind for everyone involved and resulting in greater production to help you reach your goals.
We keep things running smoothly and save your team time and money.


When there’s synergy between you and your team, the business and the patients thrive. We believe in servant leadership! Your team is your biggest asset and we work hard to fill your practice with qualified, capable talent.
Let us help you build trust, improve communication, and create a positive work culture.


Patients value community and want to feel connected to their providers. Marketing helps you showcase your strengths and put your best foot forward. We strive to turn patients into brand advocates. We help you stay top of mind and make a name for yourself and your practice.


We know payroll is no easy task, so we take this off your plate freeing your time for what truly matters – taking care of patients.


You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your office is safe from audits and security breaches.
We make sure your practice is compliant with HIPAA, OSHA, and other safety regulations. 

 Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great!

We work hard at gaining your trust and building a lifelong relationship as we work together to exceed your goals.